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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President


Since when is it a bad thing to have the President address the children of this country? How do you turn asking school children to write a letter telling the President how they can help him, into partisan politics? You'd think this was Cuba or Russia and not the United States of America.

I suggest parents have a little more confidence in the way they're raising their children. Provide them with a strong consistent foundation (walk the talk), allow them a little room so they aren't afraid to ask questions (if they don't ask you, they'll ask someone else), and the older they get, don't be surprised if their viewpoints don't always line up with yours (no matter how much YOU have indoctrinated them).

It's not as if the Department of Education mandated the kids tell Obama why they support his views on health care reform. I imagine letters from elementary students would actually read something like this:

Dear Mr. President, I will help you by trying to be nice to all the kids in my class if they don't pick their nose. Signed, Michael, Age 5 Kindergarten

Dear Mr. President, I asked my mom to bring extra markers and crayons for the kids in my class who don't have any. Is that helping? Your Friend, Tiffany, Age 6 First Grade

Dear Mr. President, I will work hard on my spelling and eat most of my lunch. I also try not to watch too much tv but it's only cause my parents won't let me. BTW what IS health care? Later dude, Henry, Age 7 Second Grade

Dear Mr. President, We are being pen pals to the soldiers in Iraq. We write letters so they won't miss their families so much while they're in the desert. Can you please write me back? Maybe you and me could be pen pals too. Love, Jennifer, Age 8 Third Grade

Reagan and Bush 41 addressed school children when they were President. I think a presidential pep talk should become an annual tradition. Every day our kids are influenced by various celebrity "role models", why not the leader of the FREE world?

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